sunnysideisup sanity playlist :: 5.27.12

In order not to lose my shit during my hour long commute to work on Massachusetts’ infamous Route 2, it is crucial to my sanity that I am well prepared with music to distract me from the idiots who threaten my existence on a daily basis. This means Sunday nights are usually spent scouring the internet for new music – which I plan to post here for your benefit :)

Here are the some of the songs that got me through this week.

Lie to Me, Sara Bareilles (Once Upon Another Time EP, May 22 2012)
SOUNDS LIKE: Trademark Bareilles delightfulness, 90’s girl-band vibe, with just a little
bit of eff-you

Moving Mountains, Thrice (The Alchemy Index: Air & Earth, April 15 2008)
SOUNDS LIKE: An awesome band that’s currently on their farewell tour after a stellar 14 year career – campfire-y acoustic rock and a sick vocal track

On Impulse, Animals As Leaders (Self Titled, April 29 2009)
SOUNDS LIKE: Epic rock, finger-picking, and oh by the way – their drummer is just
as good live

Oh My! (feat B.o.B.), Haley Reinhart (Listen Up, May 22 2012)
SOUNDS LIKE: Amy Winehouse-esque diva soul, sass, and pheromones

Jupiter, In Oceans (Earthwalker, January 6 2011)
SOUNDS LIKE: Post-harcore, double-bass, and high school


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