Best Surprise of the Week :: Tori Kelly

So maybe I’m a cynic, but when I’m looking for new music, I’m usually going on the base assumption that most of what I find is going to be terrible. And I mean actually, musically terrible. Either 3rd grade lyrics, poor production, sounds like everything else, uninspiring – that kind of terrible.

And sometimes it is. Well, a lot of the time it is. So when I’m browsing the pop section of iTunes and I come across a name I’ve never heard before, accompanied by a pink album cover that looks like I might have created it in Paint with my recreational-only design abilities, I have little hope.

But sometimes I’m proven wrong. As in, really wrong. And I love it.

Which is exactly what happened when I heard Tori Kelly sing. Just to make sure I did my homework, I went to YouTube to find a clip of her singing live, and I found this gem. Check it out – if you like it, download her EP on iTunes “Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly.” One of those songs will definitely be making thesunnysideisup sanity playlist this week.


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