sunnysideisup sanity playlist :: 6.3.12

Ahhh, Friday. My sanity playlist didn’t just save me from my commute this week, I’m pretty sure it also prevented me from having a full-on mental episode at work. Let me just tell you, age does not guarantee wisdom – at least not in my office.

Here are 5 of the songs that kept my blood pressure down.

Up (feat. Jessie J), James Morrison (The Awakening, November 16 2011)
SOUNDS LIKE: Two awesome voices, a catchy hook, and hope.

Fire Escape, Matthew Mayfield (Now You’re Free, April 5 2011)
SOUNDS LIKE: A sultry acoustic ballad that would have Brittany Snow in the video – and does.

All In My Head, Tori Kelly (Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly, May 1 2012)
SOUNDS LIKE: A twinkly voice singing lyrics that every girl can relate to – just a warning though, the drums were mixed terribly.

Gone, Ioanna Gika (Snow White & the Huntsman Soundtrack, May 29 2012)
SOUNDS LIKE: An eerily beautiful song that would be played in a movie when someone dies. Oh wait…

Filth and Squalor, The Dear Hunter (The Color Spectrum: Black EP, June 14 2011)
SOUNDS LIKE: Grunge-y rock and badassery.


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