Wahhh :: 5 Songs that are Unapologetically Emo, but Still Awesome

Even for those of us that have been out of their teen years for several years now, there are some days when that angsty feeling makes you crave a dark room and some hair dye. Unfortunately, I can’t exactly show up at my job at a financial services firm with pink hair and a bad attitude (well…) so I just scroll back a few years in my iTunes library and pretend like it’s still socially acceptable to walk around with a pouty face acting like the world is out to get me.

Here are 5 songs that are pretty emo, but mostly still awesome:

Sic Transit Gloria, Brand New (Feb 2004)
The words are Die Young and Save Yourself. Really? Does it get more emo than that? But no other song has the ability
to transport me right back to high school than this angsty anthem.

Broken (feat. Amy Lee), Seether (Mar 2004)
You may have never liked Evanescence, (or Seether for that matter) but there is no doubting that this girl’s got pipes.
Pleasant harmonies and acoustic guitar melody, full-on teen girl angst.

 Skeleton Song, Sevendust (Oct 2003)
Ok, so this is actually still one of my favorite songs ever, and I don’t want you to think I’m insulting it
by calling it Emo. This guy has a great voice, and the songwriting is awesome. Definitely not a pick-me-upper
kind of song – but so good.

The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most, Dashboard Confessional (Mar 2001)
Ohh, Chris Carrabba, you king of emo you. Sometimes you don’t know if he’s crying or singing – which is
just what you need when you’re fourteen and angsty.

What It Is to Burn, Finch (April 2003)
I call this epic-emo. This song (also one of my high school favorites) is perfect early 2000s rock,
but you can just feel the emo seeping through the song. Nate Barcalow has a great emo scream.


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