sunnysideisup sanity playlist :: 6.10.12

So I’m a little late this week, but to be honest it’s because this week started out rather uninspired as far as music goes – but I’m happy to report that it ended on a good note, and I already have quite the list of potential winners for next week.

Here they are:

Let Go, Everest (On Approach, May 11 2010)
You may recognize this from the latest Corona commercial – nice, relaxing, summery single.

Miss You, Foster the People (Torches, May 23 2011)
I dismissed this band for way too long – fun, energetic, and dynamically interesting.

So Good, B.o.B. (Strange Clouds, May 1 2012)
Very top 40, but something about his voice is so appealing to me.

Warrior, Kimbra (Vows, August 29 2011)
More than just Gotye’s sidekick, for sure – this song is going to be huge this summer.

Good in Goodbye, Carrie Underwood (Blown Away, May 1 2012)
You’ll rarely see Country music show up on my playlists…but this girl is just too good.


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