Foster the People :: Boston MA 6.15.12

When the song Pumped Up Kicks blew up last summer, I got tired of it fast. It was all over the radio, and everyone was talking about it – I was over it before I really even took the time to listen to it.

So when a friend invited me to the Foster the People show last Friday, I hesitantly accepted. I’m not the type to turn down a concert of any kind, ever – but would they really be good? Did they have anything else to offer me besides this borderline-hipster bombshell of a single that I had been rolling my eyes to for a year?

The answer is: ahmm, YES. By the time they were halfway into the opener, Miss You, it was already apparent that I had underestimated them. Turns out, their songs are much less hipster than they are electronic and fun. Despite singer Mark Foster’s sometimes theatrical falsetto, he showed impressive range. And drummer Mark Pontius is more than just a (really really) pretty face.

The only thing more energetic than their performance was the crowd, which spent the entire hour-and-a-half set dancing and singing along. Clearly they already knew what had taken me so long to figure out – that these guys are actually pretty awesome.

Since they’ve only got one album, the set list isn’t much of a surprise – so instead, here’s their video for Houdini.


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