sunnysideisup sanity playlist 6.17.12

Life is fragile people, it really is. If I’ve gotten anything out of this insane week, it’s that you never quite know when your life is going to be turned completely upside down. You have to be grateful for what you have every single day, because you just never know if it will still be there tomorrow.

Thanks goodness for these songs this week.

Temporary Bliss,
The Cab (Symphony Soldier, Aug 23 2011)
Sounds like: Maroon 5 meets Story of the Year. I’m completely obsessed with this song.

Only Place I Call Home, Every Avenue (Bad Habits, Aug 2 2011)
Sounds like: A song that would have been on The O.C.

Lights Out (feat. Natalia Kills & Far East Movement), Junior Caldera (Dirty Bass, Jun 12 2012)
Sounds like: A summery electronic dance number.

Undercover Martyn, Two Door Cinema Club (Tourist History, Apr 12 2010)
Sounds like: Upbeat, happy, windows-down-in-the-car music.

Michigan, The Milk Carton Kids (Prologue, Jul 19 2011)
Sounds like: Heart & soul.


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