Best Album You’ve Never Heard :: Envy On the Coast’s Lowcountry

There are very few albums you can listen to from beginning to end and love every second. For me, those albums usually come from artists that I’ve loved forever, who are relatively well established and widely recognized.

Then there is the rare, one-in-a-million instance when a band I’ve never heard of releases an album so good that I never seem to get sick of it, even though I have listened to it repeatedly for over a year. Which is exactly what happened in March of 2010 when Envy on the Coast released their album, Lowcountry.

Unfortunately, the band is no longer together – but this album has secured a permanent spot on my list of favorites. Vocalist Ryan Hunter has a killer voice, with the ability to transition seamlessly between straight up rock (like Head First In the River) and a sultry mellow number (as in Like I Do). Technically considered post-hardcore, the album maintains a southern-rock vibe throughout, but never gets tiresome – just when you think you’ve found the album’s hit, song after song delivers the same punchy energy in a totally new way.

Check out this video for Head First in the River – and if you like it, definitely listen to the rest of the album. It will not disappoint you.


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