sunnysideisup sanity playlist :: 7.1.12

After weeks and weeks of pop-y numbers and mellow indie singles, this week got a little darker. Maybe it’s just been too long since I heard some good metal, since it was actually a pretty happy week! This week’s playlist is a mix of heavier stuff, a club hit, and Ms. Potter – who is so good that she’s on there twice. Enjoy!

Forever Lonely, Abandon All Ships (Infamous, July 3 2012)
SOUNDS LIKE: A hybrid of Underoath and Skrillex. When you feel alone, put on your headphones.

I Don’t Like You, Eva Simons (Single, Mar 26 2012)
SOUNDS LIKE: Exactly how you feel about most of your exes.

If He Dies, He Dies, Glass Cloud (The Royal Thousand, July 3 2012)
SOUNDS LIKE: Deftones meets…I don’t even know. But I like it.

Low Road, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals (Self Titled, Jun 8 2010)
SOUNDS LIKE: Old school, summery, mellow rock – I swear this girl belongs in the seventies.

Stars (feat. Kenny Chesney), Grace Potter (The Lion The Beast The Beat, Jun 12 2012)
SOUNDS LIKE: Country, without the painful twang and redneck references.


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