sunnysideisup sanity playlist :: 8.26.12

Oh haiiiiii blog, remember me? I’m your terrible creator who hasn’t written anything in you for a month.

There’s plenty of excellent music to catch up on, so I’m just going to pretend you have amnesia and forget how neglectful I’ve been and just dive right into my latest playlist, mmkay?


Battle ScarsLupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian (Single, Aug 28 2012)
Sounds Like: That feeling you get when you realize that, despite your best efforts, that breakup two years ago really did efff your shit up pretty bad.

Sunshine, Tides of Man (Dreamhouse, Sept 14 2010)
Sounds Like: A band you can actually get excited about for once, with more than one good song and an original sound.

Suitcase, Circa Survive (Violent Waves, Aug 28 2012)
Sounds Like: Circa Survive at their absolute best.

Vertigo, Erin McCarley (My Stadium Electric, Aug 28 2012)
Sounds Like: Fun girly rock that sounds a little like Goldfrappe – this girl has an awesome voice.

Circles, CAVO (Thick As Thieves, Apr 10 2012)
Sounds Like: The perfect end-of-summer rock song with a catchy guitar riff. The whole album is worth a listen.


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