A Thank You to the Band that Reminded Me Why I Am In Love with Music :: SafetySuit

Okay, I’m freaking out right now. And I know that in like, 6 hours my alarm will go off and I will be asking myself WHY on earth I had to stay up to write this. But it needs to happen. And I’m sure I will remember why.

I’ve been writing on this little piece of internet real estate for some time now, and my enthusiasm for all things related to good music should be apparent. But every now and then, even the best and most loyal music fanatics need that little reminder of why it is we broadcast our love of music to the world. We need to be reminded why we sound like big losers every time someone asks us what our passion is and we ramble on for several minutes too long about universal languages and John Lennon and blah blah blah…

Welp, I got that reminder today. I got that feeling where you are so connected with the music you are hearing, so captivated by someone’s raw talent as a performer, and so fully enveloped in a band’s entire experience that you feel completely, for lack of a better word, high. The concert ends, and you just don’t want to leave. You want to stay in this little bubble of energy where you feel completely content, because someone has written music that encapsulates a feeling or feelings you have had so fully, that you can’t imagine feeling alone ever again.

Maybe this sounds dramatic, but it’s how I feel, and if it has never happened to you then I feel truly sorry for you.

I have one word for you. (Well, technically two words melded into one band name.) And it is SafetySuit.

Write it down. Do it now.

How these guys have flown under the radar without getting much attention is beyond me, because they just played one of the most amazing, enthralling, genuine, and flat out WONDERFUL sets of music I have ever had the privilege of hearing. From the second they came out on stage, they were fully committed to giving the audience what they payed for (which I now realize wasn’t nearly enough). Frontman Doug Brown literally spent over 2 hours making every person in the crowd fall completely in love with him, which is what a good performer should be trying to do every. single. time. they. play.

In addition to playing an amazing set, Doug was in the crowd, dedicating songs to girls, dancing with people, taking their cameras on stage to take close-up pictures, and basically doing everything he could to involve every single person in the audience. I can’t imagine he possibly could have failed.

So, I want to make sure I publicly say a great big THANK YOU to SafetySuit for performing one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever been to. Thank you for writing music that is making a difference to someone’s existence. And thank you, so much, for reminding me why music is such a huge, crucial part of my life.

Please check them out when you have a chance. You won’t be disappointed.
Find a Way, SafetySuit
These Times, SafetySuit


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  1. All I want to do, is do it all over again.

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