Damn :: 5 Reasons to Love Metal, Even if You Don’t

I’m not even going to apologize for the shallow-ness of tonight’s post. The fact of the matter is, I love metal, and I’m genuinely obsessed with the songs featured below. However, I also understand that this is not the most palatable genre of music for most people. SO I’ve decided to give you all 5 extra reasons why you should love these songs – the hotter-than-habaneros gentlemen who sing them.

Click below to check out the lineup…did I miss anybody?

#1. Daryl Palumbo : Glassjaw : Vanilla Poltergeist Snake
Eccentric, crazy talented, great hair.

#2. Kenneth Nixon : Framing Hanley : Here Me Now
Good voice, good looking, lip ring.

#3. Kellin Quinn : Sleeping with Sirens : King for a Day (by Pierce the Veil)

#4. Matty Mullins : Memphis May Fire : The Sinner
One of my favorite metal voices. Also he’s a ginger.

#5. Michael Bohn : Woe is Me (formerly) : & Delinquents
A metal singer who doesn’t look like he’s twelve.


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