Conspiracy? :: If you’re a rock band and you name your song Circles, it’s probably good.


Happy new year! I hope you ended 2012 with no regrets and began 2013 with no reservations!

I’ve been slowly developing a hypothesis that I thought I’d share. It goes like this:

If you’re in a rock band, and you name your song Circles, it’s probably going to be excellent.

Why is this my hypothesis? Because statistically speaking, based on my own personal experience, it is proving true. The four pillars, if you will, of this hypothesis are as follows:

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 8.36.12 PM




1. Circles, Incubus (Morning View, 2002)
It all began here if you ask me. Incubus in their heyday, on their third straight home run album, wrote this little gem that was never a hit single, but is undoubtedly one of my favorites from them. The first 30 seconds of this song will knock you over.
Circles – Incubus

2. Circles, Thrice (Beggars, 2009)
A completely different song from a completely different (but also great) band. In this track Thrice continues to perfect the eerie crescendo alt ballad they did so well on 2005’s Vheissu.
Circles – Thrice

3. Circles, As Tall As Lions (You Can’t Take it With You, 2009)
Adding to the conspiracy, this album was released just nine days after Thrice released Beggars. The more I listen to these guys the worse I feel at the fact that they are no longer together. Also eerie, also excellent.
Circles – As Tall As Lions

4. Circles, CAVO (Thick as Thieves, 2012)
While this band has not come close to enduring the test of time as the others have, I did enjoy several songs off their 2012 release. Including this track entitled, of course, Circles.
Circles – CAVO

So is it a fluke? Or maybe a trend? I suppose only time will tell.


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  1. This cracks me up. My husbands band named a song of theirs, circles.

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