thesunnysideisup sanity playlist :: 2.5.13


My musical tastes could not be more bi-polar this week, although I guess that’s normal for me. Piano, metal, dubstep, acoustic rock…sounds about right.

When a Heart Breaks, Ben Rector (Into the Morning, Feb 16 2010)
I am in love with this man‘s voice. Love.

King for a Day, Pierce the Veil (Collide with the Sky, May 19 2012)
This song has completely taken over my life since I downloaded it in October.

Shiver Shiver, WALK THE MOON (Self Titled, Jun 19 2012)
The catchiest song ever. EVER I TELL YOU.

Set Fire to the Rain (Dubstep Remix), Ember Waves (Single, Unknown)
Found this gem from the sickest YouTube video I’ve ever seen. Go. Watch. It.

Scene Two: Roger Rabbit, Sleeping with Sirens (If You Were a Movie…, Jun 26 2012)
I’ve been wanting to keep this one to myself, but I can’t do it anymore. So in love with this song.


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  1. hey there! pretty blog, i love your variety of music choices :) i saw your post in the forums about the Ever After sticky slider not working, and i was wondering if you could help me out? mine is just not working…period. any help is tremendously appreciated! thanks!

    • hey! thanks, glad you like it!

      Ugh, I love the Ever After theme but the sticky slider is the BIGGEST pain. There are some posts that, for some inexplicable reason, just won’t stay in the slider. I’ve tried reverting to my old theme and then re-applying Ever After, and sometimes that works. I never got a helpful answer on the forum (I can’t even find my original post)! I’ve also tried removing the sticky feature from all my posts and then re-adding them – also hit or miss.

      Wish I could be more helpful, good luck!!

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