True Life :: I Have a Girl Crush on Grace Potter

Photo Credit: Michelle Cardone

There is nothing better than watching someone with true talent perform live.


I had the privilege of hearing Grace Potter & The Nocturnals perform last night for the second time, this time at Big Night for the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization of Boston. Despite the snowpocalypse that graced New England on Friday night, the band trekked into the House of Blues to perform at the fundraiser, which drew in over 500 brave souls who were able to dig themselves out from under 30″ of snow. Let’s just say she was so good, that the crowd talked her into doing two encores.

I had a complete fangirl moment when she threw the glow-stick necklace she wore during the set into the crowd, and my co-worker caught it and handed it to me. You would think I was eleven years old and Justin Bieber had just smiled at me.

Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where her albums (although fantastic) don’t come close to showing how captivating she is. So I’ve found a YouTube video of her performing Stop the Bus that comes pretty close.

Just a quick note before I go – the wonderful Sharon Jones performed with her for a couple songs (the snow prevented her band from making it to the show) and let me tell you, she is just delightful.


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