theSunnySideisUp’s Spring Top 50 Playlist

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, spring has sprung. Fu©#ing FINALLY.

To celebrate the fact that 1) Sandal weather is coming 2) Jackets are no longer mandatory and 3) The prospect of some Vitamin D has my skin getting tanner already, I’ve put together my list of essential Spring music. As with my October playlist, this list includes some new ones and some old ones that hopefully will help to coax you out of your winter hibernation. Enjoy!

1. Brave, Sara Bareilles
New and so wonderful. She can do no wrong.

2. The Fuckery Hotel, Slaine
Hilariously appropriate name. Sick.

3. Low, Sleeping with Sirens
New single. Why do people just sing “woahhh” instead of, you know, writing lyrics?

4. You’re No Good, Major Lazer
Really feeling his new album.

5. Never Gonna Leave You, Us
Obsessed with this adorable and talented couple. Their covers are amazing, too.

6. Decay, Sevendust
Off their new album. FINALLY saw these guys in concert, and they were great.

7. The Other Side, Jason Derulo
All his songs make me think of nice weather and I don’t know why yet.

8. Lightning in a Bottle, The Summer Set
Fun band, would be surprised if this doesn’t make its way onto the radio this summer.

9. I Could Be the One, Avicii & Nicky Romero
Her vibrato annoys the shit out of me, but Avicii is always catchy.

10. Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharell
My most recent obsession. So different and refreshing, and Pharell is another of my longtime faves.

11. Ho Hey, Lennon & Maisy Stella (from Nashville)
See my original blog post on why I love them so much.

12. Backseat Freestyle, Kendrick Lamar

13. The Heartless, Paris feat. Josh Herzer
Local band my brother showed me. Her voice is Haley Williams meets Lacey Sturm.

14. Poppin’ Off, Watch the Duck
Such an interesting combination of genres. Brilliant.

15. Higher, Mark Rosas
Found this from watching that crazy dancer guy from the Superbowl commerical.

16. Whisper, The Dear Hunter
Their new album Migrant blew me away.

17. I Choose You, Timeflies
Everything this guy has put out has gotten stuck in my head.

18. Black Star, Queen of Hearts
Dark dubsteppy number.

19. Crickets, Drop City Yacht Club feat. Jeremih
Another fun one, waiting for this to make it big on iTunes.

20. Monster, Meg Myers
Played in the season finale of Cinemax’s Banshee. If you know the show, it was is the perfect choice.

21. Entombed, Deftones
So good. Rest in Peace Chi.

22. How to be a Heartbreaker, Marina and the Diamonds
And this.

23. Second & Sebring, Of Mice & Men
The words just get me.

24. As Your Friend, Afrojack feat. Chris Brown
I know I know, boos on the lady-beater. But Afrojack almost makes you forget.

25. Do You, Miguel
Heard this waiting for Milo Greene to take the stage – Bass drop almost knocked me over.

26. Video Games, Lana Del Rey
I’m going to be honest – I hate this song. But it reminds me of Spring and people seem to be into it.

27. Beast, Nico Vega
Heard her open for Imagine Dragons. Very eccentric, but her voice is so raw on this one.

28. Beam Me Up, Cazette

29. Lay Me Down, Imagine Dragons
I can’t find this to purchase ANYWHERE, but look it up on YouTube. Love.

30. Trojans, Atlas Genius
So great.

31. Gasoline, Audioslave
A classic. Makes me feel more badass than I am.

32. So Contagious, Acceptance
A throwback that makes me think of warmer weather.

33. Nightingale, Reign of Kindo
One of the best kept secrets in music.

34. Over My Head, The Fray
Haven’t loved anything they’ve done since this, but this song will always have a spot in my music library.

35. Valerie, Amy Winehouse
Fun & catchy. Would love to cover this song someday…

36. Into the Flood, As Tall As Lions
So sad they broke up. So. Sad.

37. Tennessee, Arrested Development
Throwback. This one’s bordering on summer, but I’m gonna count it for spring.

38. Summit, Skrillex feat. Ellie Goulding
I’m a total hipster about this song because I’ve been listening to it for over a year without sharing because I love it too much to let other people have it.

39. Sunshine, Vertical Horizon
It’s coming, I know it is.

40. It Only Took A Whisper, The Secret Lives of the Freemasons
One of my favorite songs of all time.

41. Cosmic Love, Florence & The Machine
She has grown on me so much, can’t wait to hear her new stuff.

42. I’m So Sick, Flyleaf
Another one of my long-reigning favorites.

43. Radiation, Gavin Degraw
Gavin Degraw and nice weather just go together.

44. Don’t Know How to Stop, Halestorm
Girl can sing any-thang.

45. At the Speed of a Yellow Bullet, Head Automatica
An awesome song from one of my favorite albums of all time.

46. Echo, Incubus
You might as well accept that all my playlists have at least one Incubus song on them.

47. Nothing Ever Hurt Like You, James Morrison
God his voice is just so glorious.

48. One Two, Jurassic Five
What I listen to when I pretend I have swag.

49. Oh My God, Mark Ronson Feat. Lily Allen
Lily Allen is one of those singers who intentionally tries to sound extra British when she sings. But I don’t care because Mark Ronson makes it fit perfectly.

50. Invincible, MGK feat. Ester Dean
Found this song from a cell-phone commercial. I’m TELLING you, TV is one of the best places to find music if you’re willing to look for it.


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