If you’re sick of Boston’s music scene, you’ll love this :: Aero

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Quality music can be so hard to find. Narrow that search to quality local music, and you’re looking at a pretty ambitious task.

Boston should be a big music town – Berklee, the New England Conservatory, and the BSO are in the heart of the city. And yet it seems that Boston is just exporting it’s talent to New York and L.A., leaving small-venue stages full of well-intentioned but mediocre acts at best.

But for those looking for a reprieve from the monotonous amateur scene that is local Boston music, there is one cure – and their name is Aero.

On June 4th Aero released their first full-length album, Chaos – 12 tracks of rock heaven that is unlike anything else out there. Though their sound is clearly influenced by a variety of rock greats, (Incubus, A Perfect Circle, Circa Survive, Deftones…), Aero manages to make each track completely their own. Feeling at once like a hard-rock kick in the ass and a mellow float through space, Chaos keeps you listening from start to finish with catchy melodies, unexpected harmonies, and an overall quality that can only be found with a band that has been playing together for many years.

Chaos begins with high-energy tracks like Standby and Paradigm Shift, which showcase some of that hard rock influence right off the bat. Tracks like Spiral Eyes, Alien, and Sky Lights (my personal favorite) bring out that more mellow vibe that makes this band truly unique. From there the album is equal parts of each until it’s 3 part finale – Tongue Tied (an energetic track I can already hear on the radio), The Aquatic, and the title track, Chaos.

If you are one of those people who never listen to an album start to finish, you are going to miss out on just how triumphant a conclusion Chaos really is. The song crescendos from a simple vocal melody over some light guitar to an epic soundscape with easily the most beautiful and poignant vocal performance of the album. If it doesn’t give you the chills in the best way possible, then I don’t know what will.

I can personally attest to the fact that these guys put on a great show and will not disappoint you with their live performance. They are currently lined up to play 3 dates in August in the Boston area:

August 2nd @ the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston
August 23rd @ Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester
August 24th @ the South Shore Music Hall in Quincy

On a personal note, these guys are my brothers (1 literally, 3…spiritually?) – they are the often rare combination of good people AND good musicians. I consider myself privileged not only to hear their music first hand on a regular basis, but also just to know them.

And just in case you think I’m too biased, check out this review of someone who agrees with me.

Check out Spiral Eyes below – and download their full album on iTunes or Bandcamp!!


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