The Best of 2014 & The First of 2015


I’ve always hated New Years. There, I said it. There’s so much pressure to do something awesome, when really everyone would rather just be on the couch in sweatpants with Chinese takeout, falling asleep at 9pm, and maybe cracking open an eyeball at midnight just to see how orange Ryan Seacrest is this year.

This year, though, I’m trying to think of it a little bit differently. The more time goes by, the further away you are from the things that have hurt you, and maybe that gives you more propensity for change.

So deep, right? I don’t know guys, we’ll see.

While I’m sorting through THAT, I thought I’d share a little recap of my favorites from 2014, as well as some new songs I’ve been getting into over the last month. Use this link for the spotify playlist >>sunnyside_2015. Relax and enjoy, and a very happy & healthy 2015 to you all.

2014’s Best

Nothing More: This is the Time

Most likely my favorite song of the year, if I had to choose. The heavy title track from their self-titled album, this song features an unbelievable vocal and a bridge that’ll knock your socks off.

Phantogram: Black Out Days

I first heard their single “Fall in Love” at Firefly this year, which was a close contender for this list. But after hearing them again at Life is Beautiful, this was the jam that was stuck in my head. Awesome electronic-rock combo, and Sarah’s mellow vibe is contagious.

Wye Oak: Sick Talk

So, so refreshingly different. Starts out almost like an ‘80s synth hit, but has such a funky beat. The melody is so beautiful, and the vocal just floats over the whole thing.

Tove Lo: Moments

I listened to a lot of Tove Lo this year. At first glance it may seem she’s just an image and not a musician, but I think her obvious vulnerability makes her relatable. This wasn’t necessarily the best song on the album, but the lyrics represent her whole persona really well.

Flyleaf: Magnetic

Okay so the new lead singer isn’t Lacey, and I miss her, but I was surprised by how much I like their new sound. They almost sound like Tonight Alive, with a more pop-y feel, and this song was catchy as hell. It’s like a movie-adaptation of a book – you just have to accept it as a completely different thing.

Royal Blood: Out of the Black

THIS. SONG. I know I posted it earlier this year, and I hope you listened to it then. These guys have an impressively big sound for a two-man team. I had a chance to see them live and they have it in person, too. A heavier choice for sure, but they just kill it.

Sam Smith: Not in that Way

Seriously everything Sam Smith touches turns to complete gold. He’s unbelievable. I’ve had all his hits on my playlist all year long, including his unreal features with other artists like Disclosure’s Latch and Naughty Boy’s La La La, or the full collab of Together. This song makes you want to bottle his voice and carry it around in your pocket.

Bad Suns: We Move Like the Ocean

My brother got me tickets to see their show for Christmas, and I cannot wait. I featured these guys on my first post of the year, and they’ve released more music since then. This was one of my consistent favorites – they have a more indie vibe than I typically go for, but they do the alt-pop thing RIGHT. aka without seeming like hipster douche bags.

Sia: Chandelier

Amazing – another one that was featured on the blog earlier this year. A perfect example of how a song can reach mega-fame status and not be god-awful, overproduced, poo. There are also some absolutely beautiful covers out there, namely one from the perfect Sara Bareilles which you must check out.

Nico & Vinz: Am I Wrong

This one got really really overplayed. But when I first heard it I was so obsessed with it, which is why it makes the list. I really like the fusion of styles here, with an R&B sounding vocal over the super-popular clap beat, and even some horns thrown in there. So catchy.


Jay Sean: I Only Want You (Candle Light Mix)

This song makes me melt like fondue. If you had asked me about Jay Sean a week ago, I would have completely dismissed him as someone whose name I heard in gossip news and was otherwise superfluous. But this is my JAM right now. An R&B ballad and the mix is all acapella – two things I’m a complete sucker for.

Santigold: Creator

Santigold is so wonderfully weird. How MIA ever became more famous than her I just don’t understand. Best described as electronic but so clever and rhythmically diverse, The words make her sound like a complete boss and I just want to be her.

Paramore: Grow Up

A friends of mine has been trying to get me to listen to this for SO long, but I stupidly dismissed it. Haley Williams has the band fight fiasco behind her and she clearly just gives zero fucks about drama or naysayers. I love that these guys were persistent through all the change they went through, and their new album really is great. Paramore has grown up.

Walk the Moon: Come Under the Covers

Like Bad Suns, I think these guys are one of the few groups who manage to get the alt-rock-pop combo right. They are definitely more on the pop side of the equation, and most of their hits are very upbeat and dancey. I liked that this was more mellow.

Nikyee Heaton: Bad Intentions

The fact that she spells her name like that actually makes my eyes/brain/soul hurt. But nevertheless, I am really into this song. Her voice sounds like an R&B version of ZZ Ward (who you know I love). It’s sexy and catchy and different.


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